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The Florida Golf Trail
« on: February 11, 2010, 11:09:38 PM »
Become an insider on the Florida Golf Trail and you can receive discount golf at 9 Tampa Bay Golf Courses.  Click the link below to see the list, and you can follow in my footsteps on some of those courses.  Follow me into the ponds, woods, sand traps, rough and some other places you never knew existed on a golf course!  LOL!  

Just kidding, I can shoot in the high 80s on any of these courses on a typical day.  I have played Bardmoor, Bloomingdale, Lansbrook and Northdale, so that's 4 out of the 9 courses.  They're all great Tampa Bay golf courses, except for 2 that are in other states.  Many of the 4 have upgraded their greens, cut down trees and generally spruced up the place for the Florida Golf Trail, so check them out at the link below.  

We've had a cold winter, the coldest in a long time so a lot of the grass is dormant and brown right now, but it will green up real soon!
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