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Content deleted for not paying the subscription fee.  Ads on this message board are not free.  $1.00 per month for backlinks to your website, is a ridiculously small price to pay.

Your post is off topic.  It has nothing to do with Florida or the Tampa Bay Region of Florida.  If you want us to keep one copy of your advertisement and links up on our website, then you'll have to buy a subscription.  Advertisements are not free on this message board.

I have sent a PayPal Invoice to your email address.  You have 2 days to pay it before we delete your message and ban you from using TampaBayTourist.com.  If you do pay the subscription fee, then you gain the following.  

We will keep your message up on our site for a year and it will only cost you $1.00 per month.  The valuable back links to your websites will be available for the search engines to find and your website will be ranked higher in Google.  $12.00 is a small price to pay to rank higher in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Bing.  

If you fail to buy a subscription then your advertisement will be deleted and you will be banned from using this Forum.  The subscription button is in the middle of each page at http://www.tampabaytourist.com.

~ Admin


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