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How to post a message with pictures.


If you would like to post pictures with your message, then here are a few instructions:

1.) Resize your pictures to no more than 600 pixels wide at 72 dpi.  Do a File Menu > Save As and rename it or your original picture will be lost forever.  If your image is larger than 600 pixels wide then it won't be completely visible and the right side will be cut off.  Doing this will also make your images load quickly.  Take note of where you saved the images.  

2.) Choose the appropriate category on the front page of the message board.  If you want to suggest a new category, email tbtourist@tampabaytourist.com and request it.  We'll put it up just for you!

3.) Once you're in the proper category, click the "New Topic" link on the right side of the category.  Type your Subject line, change the message icon if you like and type the body of your message.  Brag about your business, review a place, tell us about your vacation, whatever you want.  You can even post links to your website.  

4.) Click the "Additional Options" below the text box and click the button next to "Attach:" to Choose your File.  Navigate your computer to find your resized photos.  Click the first one to attach it.  

5.) To add more photos, click the link that says "(more attachments)" several times.  You can add up to 10 images per message.

6.) Click the post button and wait for your images to upload.

7.) Review your message and click your images to make sure they work.  

8.) Click your link to make sure it's correct.  

9.) To make changes, click the "Modify" link in the upper right corner of your message.  

10.) Post your message only once.  Don't cross-post it in all of the categories or it will be considered spam and we will delete all but one of them.  

11.) If your message is totally off-topic and if it has nothing to do with the Tampa Bay Area or with Florida in general, i.e. spam, then we'll delete your message and ban you from this message board.  

Thank you and Enjoy!


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