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Sand Key Beach in Clearwater


Sand Key is a part of Clearwater Beach that's just south of the main Clearwater Beach area.  You cross over the big bridge from Clearwater Beach that crosses the channel out to the Gulf of Mexico from Clearwater Bay, and that's Sand Key.  Sand Key is the barrier island that separates Clearwater Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. 

The huge condominiums are as expensive as they are beautiful.  However, it's a public beach, so if you can find a place to park, you can walk the public access walkways to the beach itself.  There's a free parking lot located in the 1400 block of Gulf Blvd.  That's where the following photos were taken. 

Click the image to make it larger.

Here's a couple pictures of a Sand Key sunset a few days ago.  It's a view from 6 stories high on Dad's condo balcony. 

Here's a photo of Sand Key Beach on Memorial Day.

Here's another view of Sand Key Beach... this is what it looks like at sunset in February. 

Click the photo to make it larger. 

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