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Title: Busch Gardens Tampa
Post by: TBTourist on February 08, 2010, 10:19:18 PM
The Busch Gardens Amusement Park in Tampa is definitely a fun day!  The roller coasters are awesome and the animals in their zoo are fun to look at also.  Unfortunately the Busch Gardens theme park and Anheiser Busch Beers were sold to a German Company, so they no longer give everyone a free beer like they used to!  Dang it!  Plus, they raised their admission price to $75 for adults, so plan to spend all day there to get your money's worth. 

For locals, you can get a year long pass to use all year for some extra money, so that's what we did.  That way, we could go for a few hours and then come back another day to see more.  It was less exhausting that way, but after a year of attending, that was enough.  See more info on their website below.