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Title: ColorSlide.com is my business!
Post by: TBTourist on February 11, 2010, 06:38:20 PM
ColorSlide.com is my business! Digital to Slides or Film scanned to digital is what we do!  Visit our website below for more information. 

We take your digital images and print them onto color slide film inexpensively with a device called a film recorder. 

We can also scan your existing color or B&W film (any size film, transparencies or negatives) into digital images and then put them onto a DVD to play as a show on your TV.  Or we can put them onto a CD for use on your computer.  Or you can download them from our website and save the burning a CD fee.

We can also convert your existing digital images into the Zapplication format needed by many art shows. 

Our main clientel are artists and students who need slides of their artwork for art shows, craft shows and college applications.  We also serve people who need PowerPoint slides.  Even if you have PowerPoint on your laptop, what if the video projector doesn't work with your laptop?  Most of our clients use the slides as a backup to use in a slide projector because most conference venues have slide projectors.  Many clients also keep a permanent version of their presentation on slides for their records and their portfolio. 

Learn more at:  http://www.colorslide.com/