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Title: New York New York Nightclub
Post by: TBTourist on March 31, 2010, 10:02:57 PM
We've been going to New York New York for 5 years now.  It's a lot of fun, but it's not your typical club.  They have a kitchen that's open most of the night in case you get the munchies, so that's a plus.  They have a wide range of age groups there including some old folks, so be prepared for that.  It's a mix of youngsters and oldsters, which is unusual.  There's nothing like watching some old cougars trolling for young guys on the dance floor.  LOL!  Unless it's the old dudes trying to get their dork on.  LMAO!  Luckily there's a mix of old school and new music, so everyone is relatively happy with the music. 

Which brings up the dance floor... and this is something that I don't like about NY NY.  The dance floor is big, but there's too many guys standing around the edges holding their beer watching the girls dance.  That cuts down the dance floor space by half at minimum, so the dancing people are crowded into the middle and you can't move at all.  It's crazy and I don't understand why the management won't do anything about it. 

In years past we used to go there because there was no cover charge.  I just looked at their website today and now they have a cover charge on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 9pm!  Whoa!  That was news to me.  I guess we'll have to get there before 9pm if we want to make an appearance there. 

Lastly, do you like bathroom attendants?  I don't.  The same guy has been working in the restroom since I've been going there.  (Plus, a lady in the ladies room.)  Speaking from personal experience, I don't need some dude to hand me a paper towel for a tip.  I can work the paper towel dispenser myself, thank you very much. 

Here's the link to their website and all of their information...  Go there and have some fun!