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Title: Winghouse
Post by: TBTourist on May 04, 2010, 08:04:48 PM
Winghouse has several Tampa Bay locations and we have been to most of them depending upon where we were at the time.  All of the locations have pretty waitresses in skimpy outfits and lots of TVs with sports on them, so guys love this place!  My dear 80 year old Dad was getting a kick out of it this afternoon, as a matter of fact. 

My wife and I love the original wings with the mild sauce because the hotter sauces are simply too freakin' hot!  They have sandwiches, burgers and curly fries, plus other stuff, so check out their menu and locations at their website below.

Title: Re: Winghouse
Post by: TBTourist on May 04, 2011, 06:29:05 PM
Wow, look at that... It's been exactly a year since I posted the Winghouse message. 

My wife and I went to Winghouse again last night for a couple drinks, 20 wings, curly fries and some celery sticks.  The NBA playoffs were on TV and people were cheering for that.  The place was actually pretty busy, so you should check it out sometime. 

We went to their new location on Rt. 60 near the intersection of US 19 and it looks very similar to their other locations.  Their decor is the same with lots of TVs on different channels and wooden tables and lots of sports memorabilia/photos hanging on the walls.  Plus portraits of Winghouse girls in bathing suits and of course the young Winghouse girls in their skimpy outfits waiting on us. 

It was a lot of fun as usual!