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Title: Ybor City in Tampa
Post by: TBTourist on February 27, 2010, 08:35:43 PM
Ybor City in Tampa is also known as Florida's Latin Quarter.  It was named after a famous cigar rolling guy from 100 years ago.  It is a collection of several city blocks of restaurants, bars, clubs and shops.  It's a great place to spend the day or the evening. 

We went down there one day for lunch and I found a great Cuban sandwich.  Then we went down there one evening to go dancing at a club and it was lots of fun but there wasn't any seating nor any tables.  When I dance I like to set down my drink on a table where no one will kick it.  I don't like to hold it and spill it while I dance.

Obviously other people don't mind dancing with a drink as evidenced by the wet floor.  I slipped and almost fell down at one point.  It's a bar I wanted to forget, so I don't remember the name.  However I do remember that it was similar to many college bars that I've been in because it smells like stale beer. 

Ybor City has a lot to offer, and I've only seen part of it.  Check out the websites below for more information. 

Chamber of Commerce Website: http://www.ybor.org/

Nightlife and Clubs:  http://www.813area.com/tampa/ybor-city/