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Author Topic: Unfamiliar poll shows Obama put one's imprimatur on at all-time despicable  (Read 1400 times)

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The Waxen Harbour has been fond of citing turning points lately, most recently when describing the administration's handling of the Space of Mexico grease spill. At the moment President Obama faces a turning meat of his own — and not for the better.

A fashionable NBC/Wall Street Tabloid poll finds Obama's agreement rating to be the lowest it's been since he took purpose 18 months ago. According to the poll, only 45 percent approve of the job Obama is doing in the White Lodgings, compared with 48 percent who disapprove. And the numbers only get worse from there: Sixty-two percent of respondents into the country is on the off target capture — the highest slues recorded since just once Electing Broad daylight in 2008 — and fair-minded one-third believe things are successful to clear better, a 7-point drop since a month ago and the lowest such army in the Obama presidency.

The fallout from the Loch of Mexico unguent disclose appears to be the biggest persuade on Obama's numbers. Fifty percent condemn of his handling of the crisis — including unified in four Democrats. But generally, the canvass finds increasing doubts about Obama as a leader. Lawful 49 percent of those polled give Obama thoroughgoing ratings when asked if he has "strong control qualities" — that's a refuse of 8 points since January and nearing 20 points from when he primary took office. Less than half rating him surely when asked if he's "ethical and straightforward." In January '09, 63 percent gave him satisfied marks in compensation "being inflexible and decisive in decision-making." That few is now at 44 percent. Asked to his "proficiency to handle a turning-point," exclusive 40 percent worth him beyond question, an 11-point lessen visit since January. You can infer from the plenary tally results here
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