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The Tahitian Inn in Tampa

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Last night we went to the Tahitian Inn in Tampa with a group of friends for Club BIGGIE Nights Friday night party in their lounge.  
(see message http://www.tampabaytourist.com/index.php?topic=79.0 for more info.)

The $10 all you can drink special from 10pm to Midnight was awesome and we had a great time chatting up our friends and others there at the bar.  The bartenders were very friendly and they even brought our drinks to our table, which doesn't happen much at other watering holes.  They earned their tips!

Some of our friends ordered food and the huge Cuban sandwiches looked authentic and I heard that they tasted great.  I wanted one, but we had already eaten before we arrived.  

We met the couple that owns the hotel and they're great people!  They told us about some of their amenities like the heated pool, the spa and the jacuzzi suites.  They have re-built and remodeled the place and the facility is beautiful.  We had no clue that this was such a nice place, even though we live just 2 miles away.  I think we may have to go there and enjoy the jacuzzi suite sometime!  It would be the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion.  

See their website below for their address and for more information.


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Getting closer on where I might be. Any good year round vaulting and training in the Tampa area or even a reasonable commute away?  Thanks  Bubba

Yes, really. All above told the truth. Let's discuss this question. Here or in PM.

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